Should you track your food?

Tracking your food can feel confronting. Suddenly there is no hiding from the habits and behaviours that we can easily avoid if we don’t think about it. That’s why it is one of the most valuable tools that you have at your disposal for understanding what’s stopping you from meeting your nutrition related goals. When researchContinue reading “Should you track your food?”

Avoid that holiday weight creep

The problem with holiday weight gain is not the gain, per se, it appears more that year on year, people just don’t lose the added weight they put on. This might be a kilogram in the holiday period for some – could be more, could be less – that is the thing with ‘averages.’. FiveContinue reading “Avoid that holiday weight creep”

Reverse dieting 101

Reverse dieting – this is something that is a potentially important concept that may be overlooked in the whole ‘diet’ ‘no diet’ space. This is something that has come from the physique athlete space where competitors have to go through quite an extreme diet and training regime to reach their goals. However, this isn’t justContinue reading “Reverse dieting 101”