Demystifying low carbohydrate diets for type 1 diabetes

There are many challenges of being able to maintain glycaemic control, and none more so for people who have type 1 diabetes. Different to type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes (historically called juvenile diabetes) is an auto immune condition whereby the body’s own immune system attacks the beta cells on the pancreas (the ones responsibleContinue reading “Demystifying low carbohydrate diets for type 1 diabetes”

A short term ketogenic diet for longevity?

So we are all aware of the benefits of fasting, and one of the introductions I had to the therapeutic effects of fasting was listening to Dom D’Agostino talk about Thomas Seyfried on the Tim Ferriss Podcast, and he talked about doing a five day quarterly fast as a way to prevent the cellular damage toContinue reading “A short term ketogenic diet for longevity?”